(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

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Answer: The legal age is 15 to 87 but we can put in a special request if you are older or younger

Answer: Legally no, but if you put in a business request by contacting us we can approve, we just have to let the australian government know that some other company will be selling the courses as well

Answer: Yes all course’s have been approved, and done by qualified trainers, and yes all courses are up to date we update them every year in may

Answer: It’s because not all course’s need a training manual and some can be done just by reading the Instructor Guide instead of the training manual.

Answer: Yes you can put it on a resume

Answer: Yes all courses have been made by specialist and then gone to government to then be approved

Answer: The quality of the short courses is perfect they have been made by professionals that have studied and have a degree in each short course

Answer: The courses are relatively easy, and are easy to understand, and to learn

Answer: Our short courses can go from 4 to 6 hours and at the end you can contact us to say that you have done the course and would like a certificate of completion

Answer: We have been in the industry for six years selling short courses

Answer: We are the first in this industry due to our courses are unlike other short courses, we sell the best easy, approved, short courses in the market, we make it easy to buy a course quick and easy, with the touch of a button, our courses also have been approved by the government of Australia.